Human Futures Bootcamp 2015 – Montreal 

All artists of the Human Futures project met together in Montreal in May to hold a series of production meetings and discuss developments in their respective projects. With a focus on sharing experiences and providing group feedback, these sessions acted as significant platform for approaching the Montreal Projection Parcours (October 2015) and Human Futures Exposition at FACT, Liverpool (November 2015).

“The Montreal bootcamp was the beginning of the production process for my piece at Place des Arts in October. It was a very interesting experience since unlike the other artists, Tobias and I will be presenting our work in-doors, and not as a projection.

Place des Arts is a place where the symphonic orchestra of Montreal performs, there are 4 major theaters, many restaurants and a metro station. This makes it a place transition for many people that go in and out of the metro to their home and work. This is the aspect I will focus on, this place as a transition space”.

Daniel Iregui (Iregular)


“It was great to see the evolution of everyone’s project since the MAB in Aarhus, and I was surprised of the emerging importance of privacy/surveillance, with at 5 projects (including mine) being related to the issue. The bootcamp was also an opportunity to formalize the next phase of the project and think of the practical applications of offline-networks. The month spent in Aarhus last year was primarily about the technical and conceptual development of the Invisible Islands as a platform/medium, but this year the focus is on creating an experience that makes use of the platform’s own characteristics”.

Sébastien Pierre