Public Art Lab

Public Art Lab is based in Berlin and directed by curator and cultural producer Susa Pop. Since 2003, PAL has aimed at developing forms of communication and action that incorporate the public in the artistic process and give rise to long-lasting collaborations and networks. These projects aim at fostering community development, identity building and communication among the city inhabitants.

Since 2007 PAL has focused on urban media art, exploring the communicative potential of urban screens and media facades. At the Media Facades Festival Europe 2010, seven major European cities were connected for the first time via urban screens and media facades for activities including joint broadcasting events, which opened a window for viewing social and intercultural processes. PAL has continued its involvement with urban media by initiating in 2011 the Innovationsforum Urban Screens and initiated in 2012 the Urban Media Network as well as the Connecting Cities Network.

Other PAL projects include: Mobile Museums (2004), Mobile Studios (2006), Mobicases (2007, 2009, 2011), Media Facades Festival (2008) and Round Table Ukraine (2011-2013).

Lately Susa Pop has co-edited the publication Urban Media Cultures with numerous examples from the areas of urban development, technology and marketing, this book illustrates current trends in interactive media structures.